The Law Office of KEVIN KOLOFF

“Kevin is my go-to outside counsel for anything I don't know about music in film.  And, he always has the answer!  Kevin is also the only attorney I know who is an expert in both film and music transactions.  He has a great work ethic, is an innovative thinker, and passionate about his work.  Beyond his skills, however, Kevin is always a pleasure to talk with, and he can explain the most complex legal issues in terms that any client will understand.  Hire him before your adversary does!”


Lenny Wohl

EVP Business Affairs, Lionsgate


“It has been a pleasure having Kevin as our attorney. He is always accessible, and while dispensing his own good advice, always listens to us and takes into account what we, the client, have to say about a particular matter. We feel that Kevin is not just working for us, but is working with us.”


Devin Cutler

CFO and Board Member, Media 8 Entertainment (producer of motion pictures including Running Scared and the Oscar-winning Monster)


“Kevin has been my entertainment attorney as long as I can remember.  He's rational, he's logical, and he's smart, even when he disagrees with me.  I trust him more than anyone else I've encountered in two decades in the entertainment industry.”


Paul Guay

Co-Writer, LIAR, LIAR; THE LITTLE RASCALS; HEARTBREAKERS and many other motion pictures


"As a newcomer to the industry I knew nothing when I came to Kevin for help. From our very first conversation he has treated me with total respect & taken his time to ensure I understand every detail & option in each situation I have encountered. He learned about my particular industry & used that knowledge in negotiations to get more than I thought possible. He responds to all of my correspondence almost immediately & has made me feel like his only client & also a friend. Kevin Koloff is the total package: brilliant legal mind, detail oriented, caring, trustworthy & honest. He is the only Entertainment Lawyer for me & I look forward to a long and successful career with Kevin on my side!"


Ashley Vicos

Star, “Have Cake Will Travel,” Food Network



“I have had the privilege of closing several important transactions with Kevin throughout the years.  His combination of substantive legal knowledge and business acumen make it a pleasure to work with him whether as opposing counsel or as a client.  Kevin’s demeanor, accessibility and credentials make him uniquely qualified to zealously represent his clients.”


Keith C. Hauprich
Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs, Cherry Lane/BMG Music


“Kevin Koloff is a world class attorney and a fine gentleman.  His detailed analysis of each deal, coupled with his big picture mindset, allows me to focus on being creative while growing our business.  Kevin is someone whom I trust, respect and highly recommend.”


Mark T. Williams

Composer / Partner, Ah2 Music (The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser and many, many more television shows)



“Kevin Koloff has an incredible talent for getting the best terms possible in every situation. Kevin's attention to his client's interests, combined with his powerful negotiating skills are unparalleled in his field.  His approach is both thoughtful and tenacious, and he routinely makes the impossible become a reality.”


Noah Mark

Television Producer


 “Kevin is a master strategist and negotiator.  I rely on him to deliver cogent analysis followed by well considered recommendations that position me as strongly as possible.  He will fight aggressively on my behalf but do so without acrimony; his personal style is characterized by equanimity and wit. He receives devotion from his clients and unqualified respect from his opponents; he is somebody with whom all sides can do business. On a personal level, Kevin has been my lawyer, my advisor, and my close friend for decades. I will never, ever, even think about making a business decision without first obtaining Kevin’s advice. I can enter into any negotiation or transaction with total confidence, because I know that Kevin will always have my back.”


David Feinman

Musician and Composer

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